We live in a world where ideas, people and products are always on the move. Globalization influences trends, styles and consumption, almost creating a type of model of offers: a choice for consumers, and for the products distinguishing them is an ever increasing task. In a similar context, it is increasingly relevant to search for distinctive elements that contribute to a unification of the offer.

Today, the aesthetic value of a productis insufficient as it presents, transversally, a wide variety of goods in varying segments and markets.

The product, therefore, must be the vehicle for a complete experience: through its technical, functional and aesthetic qualities, as well as through its content.

With the project Metri d’Arte art enters directly into the process of creation and into the industrial production of the printing.We have chosen art to enrich our textiles with content, symbolic and immaterial values.

Metri d’Arte is a real experimental incubator − a space that Miroglio Textile has dedicated to research and experimentation, also by virtue of the close relationship the company has had for many years with the world of art, inspired by a new creativity in which fabrics created as works of art can embody content, and a story to be told, at the same time as fostering the creative process. The goal is to bring powerful creative innovation into the textile business, based on the way to conceive and produce a fabric, in order to depart from traditional fashion canons and offer greatly original as well as high-quality Italian- made products .

Innovative technology in a textile printing industry is a must and should be used to improve efficiency. Through the use of art, we seek to enrich our content. We want to tell a story. Art is both an emotion and a passion with which we want to reach the heart of our clients.

Choose a fabric. It is, basically, an artistic choice.

Elena Miroglio
Executive Vice President Miroglio Group


Metri d’Arte is an art project that leads Miroglio Textile to serve as an innovative thinking laboratory to create fabrics possessing meaning, beauty and soul. Conceived, designed and produced as actual works of participatory art, the fabrics in the Metri d’Arte collection tell the unique story of the collaboration between the people at the company and a group of contemporary artists.

A project deeply ingrained in Miroglio’s roots, it was presented in February 2012 in Paris at the Spring / Summer 2013 Première Vision and saw the participation of artists in an adventure which took the people at the company on an emotional journey of cross-fertilisation with art.

With Metri d’Arte a new vision is translated into reality, highlighting once again Miroglio Textile’s ability to reinvent itself, in order to be always ready to cater for modern women’s dreams and values. 

The project will continue in 2013 with the presentation in Beijing of the collections designed in collaboration with other internationally renowned Italian artists.

The project Metri d’Arte is curated by Trivioquadrivio