The «Total Environment» exhibition by Maggie Cardelús in Moscow Museum of Modern Art contains artworks which explore the concept of home and family as the basis of human existence. The artist was born in 1962 in the USA. She holds citizenship in the Spain and the US. She has been residing in Italy since 1993. Maggie creates artworks like an artist; she gives them life like a woman; and entrusts them to the role of an author like a loving mother. And it is not because characters of her artworks are her family members; the matter is that it has developed into an original shared authorship. The artist often says that her art often occurs as a result of long-term conversations and interaction with her relatives. She also involves her children as co-authors, and even independent authors, in her exhibitions.

“…I discovered that the family album, because of its fundamental role within family culture (not just my family culture, but most family cultures) is a powerful and potent material for my work. It is the repository of our deepest fears—fear of time passing, of loss, of death, of oblivion…and the object that memorializes a family’s self-presentation for the future and for those outside the family. People’s family images are often their most valued possessions.”

The exhibition has been realized with the technical support of Miroglio Textile.