How can one rethink the production process of a fabric taking full advantage of the speed, quality and endless creative freedom allowed by digital printing?

Miroglio Textile has asked artist Stefano Arienti to face this challenge for the autumn-winter 2013 Première Vision.

Together with Miroglio Textile’s Style and Design Department, the artist has created a performance that merges art and the creation of a new concept for industrial production, to take the possibilities offered by digital printing to their extremes.

A new range of artist-designed fabrics are created and produced directly in the Miroglio Textile stand, designed and printed in real time by the work group.

The potential offered by digital printing thus becomes the enabling factor for creativity, content research and production to transform the fabrics in one-of-a-kind objects, bearers of the unique stories of the people who have contributed to their creation.

Stefano Arienti’s An artistic performance is part of the Metri d’Arte artistic-industrial project, which was inaugurated in February 2012 and will continue in 2013 with the presentation in Beijing of other internationally renowned Italian artists.


19 – 20 September 2012
Première Vision Paris
H 9.00 am – 6.30 pm